Sabrina's Dark Baptism

Sabrina's Dark Baptism Candle


Sabrina's Dark Baptism

  • Join Sabrina on the path of Night as she *almost* signs away her soul in the Book of the Beast! 


    "A witch's Dark Baptism is our most sacred unholy sacrament. The oldest of our rites. We've been performing them for centuries." ~Father Blackwood, The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina


    Fragrance Notes: Malum Malus (poison apple), Sweet Goat's Milk, & Path of Night


    Net Wt: 8 oz (227g)

    Container: Gray Round Glass Jar; Black Metal Screw-top Lid 

    Wax: All natural soy wax

    Dye: none

    Wick: Wooden tube wick

    Burn Time: appx. 40 hours


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