Fireside Folklore

Fireside Folklore Candle  **NOW in White Glass Vessel ONLY**


Fireside Folklore

  • Shadows play as firelight dances under the Full moon. The anticipation of an epic story builds as the cedar crackles and releases sparkly smoke. Everyone gathers around the fire with their sticks dripping with warm, toasted marshmallows, eager to share the folktales of their ancestors. 


    Notes: Cedarwood, French Vanilla, Bonfires, Toasted Marshmallow, and a hint of Smoke.


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    Net Wt: 9 oz (255g)

    Dimensions: 3.5in h x 3.25in w (9cm x 8.25cm)

    Container: Black-coated glass tumbler jar; Bronze flat lid

    Wax: All natural soy wax

    Dye: Dye free; Pearl Mica Powder

    Wick: Wooden tube wick + inner cotton lead-free wick

    Burn Time: 55+ hours