Cleanse & Release-Large

Cleanse & Release Spell Candle (Wiccan Size)


Disclaimer: All Spellbound candles are sold as curios only. They are not intended to treat or cure anything. Please use candles responsibly. Do not leave unattended or within reach of children/pets. Burn on heat-resistant surface, out of drafts, and away from flammable materials. We do not guarantee specific results from using this product. We make the tools, the magic and manifestation is up to you!

Cleanse & Release-Large

  • Candle magic is a form of alchemy that is practiced as an energy boost to manifesting your desires. This cleansing candle is intended to purify your space and help you release unwanted energy. Each candle is fixed with herbs, oils, and intention prayer to help you on your path. This candle also includes a clear quartz crystal-used for detoxifying, healing, and cleansing/amplifying/balancing energy. *Please remove crystals before lighting candle*

    Purpose: Cleanse and purify spaces, release unwanted energy

    Net Wt: 13.75 oz (390g)

    Dimensions: 8in h x 2.25in w (20.5cm x 5.75cm)

    Container: Glass jar

    Burn Time: 100+ hours

    All Spellbound candles contain natural soy wax and cotton wicks. 

    Dye free.


    *Each candle is prepared upon order. Due to this we cannot accept any exchanges or returns. However, if there is an issue or defect, please contact us so that we may assist you.