Reading the Signs  For Spiritual Candles

Did you know that in candle magic, your candle can give you signs as to whether your manifestation or spell is working?  Below are several things you can watch for when burning your candle.

Candle Flames

Tall, bright, strong flame-Lots of energy behind your spell; barriers are coming down; fast, happy results are likely

Small, but steady flame-less energy, but still a good sign; positive results likely, but there may be a delay; stay focused on your goal

Small, weak flame-flickering and bending is usually a sign that something is not working; timing could be off; asking for something unfavorable; if flames falters and dies it's a sign your spell won't be granted at this time

High flame that dances-high/chaotic energy; successful spell, but probably with complications; other wills could be working against you

Rapidly flickering flame-dims and brightens; spirits are present; usually indicates success and that your message was heard

Blue flame-sign of spiritual presence; higher spiritual beings have taken an interest in you spell; power added to spell

Popping and sputtering-noisy candles indicate outside forces are present; communication with spirits; can mean interference or sending a message to you; increase concentration on spell

Candle flame goes out suddenly-the spell has been extinguished by outside forces; usually means the spell did not work (or that the result has already been obtained); release your intention and modify your spell or try again at a later date

Candle won't extinguish-you have forgotten or missed something; sit down and rethink everything/meditate longer; ask universe if you can snuff the candle; try to extinguish again by snuffing out--never blow out a spell candle!

Candle won't light-could be a wick issue, or this spell won't work for your purposes; outcome is outside your control; try again after reconsidering your intention and cleansing/smudging your space

Soot & Container

Black pieces in wax-black debris (that wasn't intentionally placed, like herbs, etc) signifies unintended consequences; more spell work may be required; karmic baggage, guilt-nothing too serious, but requiring some clean-up

Black soot on glass-signifies negative energy/interference

Black soot TOP of jar only-negative opposition has likely been overcome

Black soot ENTIRE/MAJORITY jar-spell has been unsuccessful; may need to cleanse and repeat work at another time

White soot on glass-rare occurrence; represents spiritual communication and assistance

Candle forms crater/tunnel in middle-incomplete candle burns with lots of leftover wax are not a good sign; will/focus too weak; ineffective energy to complete task; spell blocked

Candle explodes/container breaks or cracks-dramatic endings in candle magic are a sign your spell has been stopped by a higher power and that you shouldn't be doing that spell work; reconsider your intention/spell

Wax left in container-lots of wax leftover on the bottom or sides of the candle container can indicate blockages to the success of your spell; might need to cleanse your space and try again

**Disclaimer: All Spiritual candles are sold as curios only. They are not intended to treat or cure anything. Please use candles responsibly. Do not leave unattended or within reach of children/pets. Burn on heat-resistant surface, out of drafts, and away from flammable materials. We do not guarantee results from using this product. We make the tools, the magic and manifestation is up to you!**

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