Frequently Asked Questions

What is the proper way to burn a candle?

While there are no hard and fast rules for burning candles, there are some industry norms that we can give you... 1. Trim the wick to 1/4 inch the first time and every time that you plan to light the candle. This helps reduce soot, keeps the flame from extinguishing, and gives a cleaner burn. No one likes an ugly candle. 2. Burn the candle a minimum of 1 hour on a heat resistant surface. This helps the candle form a full liquid wax pool on the top, thus keeping the candle from creating a hole down the center (or 'welling' out the candle). 3. Keep the lit candle away from drafts, fans, etc. Excess air movement can cause the candle flame to flicker and produce more soot--or worse, it will extinguish the candle and you will no longer get to enjoy its magical scent and light! 4. Never move a lit or liquid candle, lest you burn your beautiful skin! While soy wax doesn't hold heat like paraffin waxes, it can still burn. Plus, if you spill it, it may smell good, but it still makes a mess.

My candle did this... *insert strange behavior* that normal?

Sometimes candles behave badly. We try to teach them manners during their creative manifestation, but every now and then they revert to their wild nature. Here are some unusual things they might do... Sweating. This looks like there are beads of water forming on the candle surface. It is actually fragrance oil that is separating from the wax, usually from changes in temperature. Most times it corrects itself when the candle is lit again, but if it bugs you, just wipe it off with a cloth. Frosting. Sort of looks like white patches or crystals forming around the edges or sides of the candle. This is common when natural plant waxes are used. The wax wants to separate into a more natural state and forms these white spots. These will not affect the performance of the candle. Black Soot. Your candle container has a black film on it. Soot is being produced from the from the flame. Generally, this is because the wick is burning through the wax faster than it can disperse the fragrance and wax oils. While there are several things that can cause this, it is likely to be that the candle flame is too large from a draft, or it has been burning for too long and needs to be extinguished. Black Mushroom on Wick. There is a black ball forming on the tip of the wick. These are normal, but should be removed to help with proper burning. Just be sure to trim them off before re-lighting your candle. Holes. Your candle has holes in the wax when it cools. When soy wax cools, it can hold small air pockets and the wax clumps in unpredicatable ways--forming holes. This is normal and the holes will fill in during the next burn. All of these candle pecularities can happen, but not to worry--they will still perform for you! If we haven't touched on your candle's odd behavior, please email us so we can assist you.

Why is my wooden wick making weird noises?

If you are new to using a wood wick, some of the noises it makes can be a little alarming. Wood wicks were designed to have a natural burn, and best of all, mimic the sound of a fireplace. Most customers describe the noise as a crackling or hissing sound. Just like being in front of a wood-burning fire on a cold night!

Help, my wick floated to the side of the container while burning!

No worries, it happens. The adhesive holding the wick down can sometimes come loose as the candle burns hotter towards the bottom. Just extinguish the flame, then use something like a popsicle stick to move the wick base back to the center and let the wax cool. Be sure not to move the candle while the wax is liquid.

Can I re-use my candle container?

Absolutely!!! In fact, we encourage you to upcycle your jar. Soy wax is a pretty easy clean-up. We use a spoon to scoop the wax remnants out. If the wick won't come out with a spoon, you can (very gently, so you don't break the glass) insert a knife to pry the wick base out. Then, wipe the jar out with a cloth and wash by hand with soap and water. We don't recommend using them for food storage, as the fragrance oils can leave behind a residue. Here are some of the fun ways we have repurposed our jars: Planters (Herbs and Succulents) Jewelry Potpourri Pencil Cups Desk Organizing Jar (for paper clips, rubberbands, etc.) Bud Vase Tealight Holders Decorate for Holidays Flower Centerpieces Bathroom Organizing (Q-tips, cotton balls...) Kids (Or Adults) Money Saving Jars Make-up Storage The list is endless! If you do decide to end the life of your candle container, please recycle where possible.

Are candle WARNINGS important?

Yes! For the most part. Here they are... 1. NEVER leave a candle burning unattended. They can get upset being left alone and burn down your house. 2. Keep away from ALL CHILDREN and PETS! No joke here, folks. Candles, kids, and pets all behave unpredicatably. They do NOT mix. 3. Burn a maximum of 2-4 hours depending on the size of the candle. This is to keep your candle from burning down too quickly and the glass from overheating. Most candles are safe to burn for 4 hours, as long as you are actively monitoring them (no sleeping on the job). 4. Place the candle on a heat-resistant surface, such as stone, wood, drink coasters. There have been instances where candle containers have become so hot that they burn the surfaces they're on. Also, if the container were to break, you don't want to have it on a surface that can catch fire. 5. NEVER burn a candle near fabric or other flammable materials. You cannot control when or where a flame can spark. A good rule of thumb is to have nothing hanging down within 3 feet on each side, and don't burn the candle underneath the upper cabinets (in bathroom or kitchens). It can burn the wood on the underside or catch fire. 6. Do not burn candle near a draft, open window, fan, A/C vent. This causes wild flames which can catch things on fire or cause underperformance of your candle. 7. Never move a candle while burning or still liquid. This means the container is HOT! It can spill and burn you or someone you love. Just don't do it. 8. Never pick up a candle by the lid. They are not designed to be a handle and will not hold the weight of the jar. Many a candle jar has been broken in this way. 9. This is more of a guideline than an actual rule. Replace candle lids only after the wax is completely solid and the jar is cool. It keeps the candle from sweating out fragrance. 10. Enjoy! After we have scared you with all these crazy warnings, we just wanted to remind you to enjoy your candle (responsibly). :)

How can I increase the life of my candle?

Definitely follow the rules in 'what is the proper way to burn a candle' above. Here are some other tips: Burn candle in cooler temperature rooms (60-75F). Only burn for 2-3 hours at a time. Allow wax pool to completely solidify and cool before re-lighting. Keep wick trimmed properly. Burn on surfaces that don't hold heat so the candle container stays cooler. We follow all these tips to get the most out of our test-burns in the shop.

Why won't my wooden wick stay lit?

Tricky little things, these wood wicks! Sometimes it won't stay lit because the wick was trimmed too short, and the wax is drowning it out before the flame can take hold. It can also be because the wick is too long--tricksters! We like to keep the wick 1/4 inch long for a good burn. If the wick is trimmed below that, it may burn a very low, blue flame or go out altogether. You can remedy this by heating the top layer of wax with a lighter and carefully pour off some of the liquid into a paper towel, then toss it. Never pour wax down the drain! When you re-light the wick, try to leave the flame on it a little longer so it can really latch onto the wood. If your wick is too long and blackened with soot, trim off the blackened top and try to re-light the candle. If there is too much blackened or charred wick, the fire cannot pull the wax and oils up the wood to stay lit. It may take several tries to keep it lit. In the event that these tips do not help, please feel free to email us. We will do our best to troubleshoot with you!