About Us


Wolfwick Haus is a creative, online business established in 2018.  We are located in small-town Boerne in the heart of the Texas hill country.  Our inspiration comes from our many travels, and our love of getting lost in the fantastic stories provided by books and movies.


As a little girl, I grew up playing in nature and having a sense of wonder about my surroundings. Every butterfly, every new plant I discovered instilled a sense of awe. Now, as an adult, I wanted to recapture some of those magical feelings.  I believe that the universe holds magic for all of us that want to see it.  We tend to overlook it as we grow up, but it hasn't ceased to exist.  It is in everyday life--whether it be the way earth heals us with plant extracts, how we use fire and heat to mold tools and craft products, or just how water and air are beautifully and enduringly life-saving in and of themselves.  I love creating products by hand from natural elements and watching them bring happiness to others.

We look to inspire people using the elements. We want others to find spiritual pursuits through our handcrafted pieces--whether that be our hand-poured soy candles, artistic home goods, or natural beauty products. Our dream is to bring a little bit of magic into your home!